Detecting a leak under floorboards

Detecting a leak under floorboards

If you notice a leak in your home, the central heating system could be leaking or the pipes in the bathroom could be leaking. Just think if any work done in your house recently might have affected the plumbing work. There could also be the possibility of a rodent chewing the pipes.

Avoid frozen pipes

A leak or a burst pipe can cause a lot of damage to a property especially if they go unnoticed for a while when you are away.

Bleeding a radiator

Bleeding a radiator is a task easy to achieve, but which should not be neglected. An overflow of air is harmful, because it causes unpleasant noises in the radiators and can block the flow of water.

Replacing a tap washer

Over time, the taps tend to drip. Generally, this problem comes from a deterioration of a rubber valve ensuring the closure of the tap. The solution in this case is simple: just change the washer.

Unblocking a sink

A blocked sink is easily spotted: the water doesn't drain easily and a puddle of water can stagnate at the bottom of the sink.